Mary is an exuberant writer! Her poetry reminds me of one of my favorite
children's authors, Dr. Seuss. 
-- Karen Rzepecki | Founder & CEO of Mason Jars Company

When the Camel Sneezed

An adventure that's fun for everyone

An adventure that's fun for everyone

When the Camel Sneezed is filled with rhythmical language that rolls off the tongues of readers, encourages children to engage in the crazy antics of Zara's zoo animals. . . Readers will learn valuable lessons in life, as the little girl overcomes her fears and learns how all creatures can flourish together in a community.  A great story about how to cross that divide, rather than make it wider.
-- Joyce Miller, Ph.D | Keystone Research Corporation

illustration by Sam moodey

illustration by Sam moodey

Expect the unexpected in a most delightful way in A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z.  Surprising ear-candy on every page! Hats off, Mary Arete Moodey!
-- Roberta Barilla | Professor Emeritus, Education | Gannon University

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More to Explore!

Goin’ Explorin’ is filled with excitement and wonder. It is funny, yet heartwarming and thought-provoking, promoting a love of nature, close family relationships, and having fun with language.
-- Rosemary Omniewski, Ph.D | Early Childhood Education & Children’s Literature | Edinboro University

From A Hero at Three; illustration by Cindra Vallone

From A Hero at Three; illustration by Cindra Vallone

The ballad and the epic tell tales from the oral tradition. A Hero at Three is just such a tale. Through this story’s verse, children will love the rhythm and tempo of words and feel the story in their bones. Mary Moodey enlivens language and captures the essence of childhood adventure in the heroic journey of two brothers that begins "in a faraway land."
-- Dale Irving, Ph.D | Theatre Arts | Western Australia

I would recommend these amazing books to everyone. They are for all ages.
-- Jennie Hagerty | Marketing Consultant & Parent

A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z

Mary Moodey's wonderfully whimsical book, A Hullabaloo of Hippos: A Lollapalooza of Language from A to Z, invites children (and adults, too!) to tickle their tongues with memorable language and playful illustrations that pop off each page. It is an alphabet book like no other!

-- Laurie Root | Director of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library & Senior VP of Resource Development at the United Way


Sir SR, K-night-of-the-By-Oh-Loom-in-Nest-Ants Bright

Goin’ Explorin’ is filled with adventure, wonder, and friendship when a young boy and girl meet in the forest, while searching for fireflies. They join forces and the suspense sparks. This is not just another book about a childhood adventure. It combines the rhythm and sounds of nature with observations of the night sky.  It is the call of an owl and silly sounding words, like “by-oh-loom-in-nest-ants,” for bioluminescent, that bring giggles to young readers. I highly recommend this book.

Sherry Alexander | Children's Author | Portland Community College

Christopher Counts The Constellations

Christopher Counts The Constellations is a delightful introduction to the constellations as seen through the eyes of a young child full of wonderment and imagination.  The illustrations are rich and their captivating shades of blue highlight the night sky.
-- Beth Eubank | M.A., Curriculum Development | 3rd Grade Teacher


Mary Arete Moodey's books are exciting, tantalizing, fantasizing, invigorating and helps the parent, grandparent, or great grandparent learn exciting new words. Now the word HULLABALOO . . . That word trembles on the lips, begging for an excuse to be used.
-- Earl H. Roberts | Children's Book Writers | Author | Filmmaker

Goin' Explorin': Fffffft Fffffft and Off They Go!

reCAP Mason Jar Explore Kit is available at  

reCAP Mason Jar Explore Kit is available at


Readers ready for chapter books will enjoy the uncluttered text, fun vocabulary words, and the origin of the book's title, Goin’ Explorin’: Fffffft, Fffffft, and Off They Go!

Excellent read!      

Nancy Anderson | Retired School Librarian |  Erie Reading Council, Past President | Keystone State Reading Association’s Committee Member

A Hero at Thee

A Hero at Three, sings in the ears. Books like this, read again and again by parent and child, virtually guarantee the child will grow into a lover of language and of reading.

John Taylor | Waldorf Teacher, Western Australia


Christopher Counts The Constellations is a huge hit with my two boys! It is well written, entertaining, and educational. We need more books like this as teaching tools for our young ones. Keep the books coming!!!
-- Chris Bates | Father | Occupational Therapist | Florida

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