A Hero at Three Teaser

The trailer for A Hero at Three introduces two brothers who, while frolicking along the shore, are swept into a stormy sea and ride the waves of a most surprising adventure. Illustrations by Cindra Vallone; story and reading by Mary Arete Moodey; music performed by Cellissimo, directed by Sally Gross.

Goin' Explorin': A Portrait of a Naturalist


While in the final stages of editing Goin' Explorin', I took a young boy to the “one-hundred-acre woods” that served as the story's setting. I placed a camera in his hands and followed him down the field, past the pond, and into the forest. "A Portrait of a Naturalist" weaves together his photography, the poetry of A. A. Milne and Robert Frost, and the "Prelude" of Bach's Cello Suite #1, quietly  revealing how a child -- a boy much like the main character in the story -- sees the natural world when looking through the lens of a camera. This video can be enjoyed by children and adults, either at home or in the classroom.

reCap Mason Jars Company EXPLORE kit reached its Kickstarter Goal!

reCAP Mason Jars Company EXPLORE kit reached its Kickstarter goal and the jar lids are magnificent! To add a flickering flash to this bug-driven broadcast, the Company successfully launched Project #3:  handles on the jars and a choice of either blue or green glow-in-the-dark caps. Imagine a generation all a buzz about entomology having beeen inspired to Go and Explore! Accompanying this project is the young readers' chapter book Goin' Explorin', filled with beautiful illustrations by Justin Wisniewski. The story, guaranteed to engage the entire family, ignites with adventure as two seven-year-olds get lost in the woods while chasing fireflies after the sun dips below the horizon. For more information, go to www.masonjars.com.