About MarMoo Works

In the spring of 2012, I founded MarMooWorks, LLC, a company committed to promoting literacy, interactive reading, and a love for learning and language at an early age.  By using traditional and technological art forms, I am able to design and produce quality children's traditional and audio books; animated, interactive apps; and companion pieces that transform reading into a whimsical activity.  My stories embrace the creative, curious, and adventuresome spirit; encourage exploration and discovery, imaginative problem solving; and play with a rhythmically enriching vocabulary that dances on tongue.  MarMooWorks books celebrate and nurture the child spirit where all readers feel free to discover the world and stories around them.

While MarMooWorks Books are entertaining, they also serve as classroom resources, providing educators with visually artistic literature to teach multi-disciplinary concepts at varying developmental levels. Having taught elementary to college students, I understand and am sensitive to the different learning styles of children and young adults. That, too, is a driving force behind the MarMooWorks Mission: creating innovative ways of reading that open the doors into the world of reading, a world that extends beyond bindings and digital screens, beyond our traditional way of perceiving, thinking, and understanding what constitutes “literacy.”

It is important to me to offer children's literature where the language sings, moves, and infuses story with life. Vital to the art of storytelling is discovering one’s voice, self, and place in the world of story.  Reading is more than decoding words, piecing together phrases, and recognizing sentences.  Reading is a sensory experience involving feeling, movement, sight, smell, sound, touch; reading is as much musical as it is visual.  Sailors read the waters; carvers read wood; astronomers read the skies; meteorologists read weather patterns.  And from infancy, we learn to read body language and facial expressions.  Reading is discovering the connection between one life to another, one world to another, and one’s story to another's.  For, it is in the discovery of story, the discovery of self, when reading takes flight! 

MarMooWorks was launched at the StARTup Incubator in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization providing traditional and digital artists with thenecessary resources for becoming entrepreneurs.  By the summer, I was awarded with the 2012 InnovationErie Grand Prize for the MarMooWorks business concept and the Multi-Media Design Arts Competition for its launch of Christopher Counts The Constellations and companion pieces. This production, as well as all MarMooWorks creations, showcase the best in the traditional and technological art forms, revealing how stories and learning to read are not just contained between bindings or captured on a screen.